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Welcome to True Figures Hospitality


We're always forthright and have your best interests in mind.

Welcome to True Figures Hospitality


We use the facts to create a tailored plan to help you optimize revenue.

Welcome to True Figures Hospitality


Growing RevPAR is what we do. Your bottom line is our priority.

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To serve as the most affordable, remote Revenue Management Services company for Limited Service hotels, and successfully position them to increase profitability and gain market share.


Identify opportunities that are unique to each hotel and provide solutions that will help capitalize on the property’s assets.


I had the pleasure of working with Renee for several years. Renee is one of the hardest working team members I have had the privilege to lead. Renee has an inherent optimism and enthusiasm that is infectious and is one of her greatest strengths. Renee also has hospitality ingrained in her DNA and is always seeking ways to improve the partnership with her customers no matter the situation. I also appreciate Renee's desire to continue to grow in her profession. Renee does not shy away from self-evaluation and readily seeks development opportunities to ensure she can meet her customer's needs. I greatly enjoyed my time working with Renee and am confident she will bring optimism, enthusiasm, and hard work to any opportunity she takes on.

Nicholas Combe

Assistant Director, Business Development- Hilton

I have been so thrilled to have Renee as the Revenue Manager for a couple of the hotels in my portfolio. She was a breath of fresh air, after a few people who were not quite the right fit. Renee is extremely proactive, responsive, and organized. She has the ability to spot a problem before it's ever an actual problem and eliminates it from becoming a problem. As a hotelier, this is a huge thing we appreciate from our Revenue Managers. Nothing worse than it not being spotted only to have to be cleaned up later. Renee also has a warm, professional yet personable personality that makes you feel at ease when working with her. I love that it doesn't feel so clinical when speaking with her, but at the same time she gets to business while leaving you feeling like you can speak up and she will respond in a way that makes you feel like it's easy to talk to her. And speaking of business, let me tell you, Renee knows her stuff! She makes EXCELLENT recommendations, and she really gets creative. I love that she is not a "yes" person, she will push back when she needs to if she genuinely feels it's in the hotels best interest, forcing you to look beyond your own perspective, only to see that there is actually a better option than you had the ability to consider. If she was just a yes person, we'd miss out on a lot of great potentials. However, she is also respectful that if we simply can't agree, she knows when to pull back. I highly respect her for this. It's been a true honor to work alongside Renee, and to have her help us excel at our hotels. Watching as she has helped in a major way to increase not only revenue but our overall RevPAR indexes, has made for happy salespeople and happy owners! I know that Renee will truly be an Allstar in any avenue she chooses to go at any point in her career.

Caroline Dollar

Owner of Dollar for Dollar Hotel Solutions

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