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We feel as though our specialist is a member of the team and it is evident that they care about the hotel and its success. Our specialist is incredibly efficient and helpful in all our dealings. Not only is she a capable professional it is always a great pleasure to talk with. She has a great understanding of what needs to be done and is always willing to discuss strategies and makes helpful suggestions.
Jim Martinez
General Manager - Hampton Inn & Suites Greeley, CO
Renee has a personality and attitude that positively impacts those around her. She’s caring, hard-working and dedicated. Whether it was working with her hotel partners and growing their performance or sharing her vast knowledge with peers on her team, Renee wants to help others and lead by example. I appreciate Renee’s ability to balance both customer service and revenue strategy, becoming a trusted advisor to her hotels and then providing recommendations for growth.
Chelsea Stewart
Assistant Director of Revenue Management at Hilton Worldwide
Renee was so easy to work with. She always answered emails and responded to tasks in a timely manner. Her job was very demanding and she always had a wonderful attitude and personality when we spoke. She helped our hotel a lot in managing our revenue and she always had great recommendations on how we could improve. She was the best revenue specialist we’ve had since I’ve been involved with the process.
Jazmyn Walters
Director of Sales - Hampton Inn & Holiday Inn Express Richmond, KY
I enjoyed working with Renee Coleman when she was our Hilton Revenue Specialist for our Hampton Inn & Suites hotel. Renee is diligent and highly committed to her work. Her enthusiasm, organization, planning, and follow through are unrivaled. Renee delivered thoughtful consultation, proactive solutions, and implemented highly effective strategies. As a result of her knowledge, abilities, and planning, we succeeded in earning more than our fair share of market growth. Renee helped to make the Hampton Inn & Suites dominate the competition in our Greeley market. It was always a great pleasure to work with Renee, and I know she will be highly successful in anything she is involved with.
Jim Martinez
Renee is a pleasure to work with, and is an outstanding leader and motivator. Her hands on approach to coaching and personality won her respect. She is self-motivated, dedicated and competent. Her capability to adapt to any working environment is admirable.
Desirelle Johnson
I have had the pleasure of working with Renee Coleman for 3 years, on 2 properties, in Revenue Management. Renee is a hardworking, dedicated, result driven, and professional. An ever reliable source, I can always count on Renee, to help me get the job done. Being a multi portfolio Revenue Manager is no simple task, Renee balances her work, always replies in a timely manners, and shows the same dedication to each and every property. While working together we have raised Rates, Revenue, and Indexes, year over year. Our business relationship is one built on an exchange of ideas, discussion, and mutual respect. Renee has been one of my favorite working relationships in this field; she has so much knowledge to give. When I first started working with Renee, I was newer to the revenue side of business, and she is always happy to teach, explain, and be a true mentor. Because of Renee, I have become a better Revenue Specialist. Renee is a team player, who cares about those around her. If one of our sales team is struggling in an area that wasn’t in her scope, she always offers to reach out to the applicable departments to get the answers needed. If one of our team members is having a rough day, Renee always has kind words, and encouragement to share. Even through difficult challenges, we always find a way to make it work. In summary; it has been an honor to work with Renee, and others should strive to be like her, she is a superstar co-worker and employee.
Lacey Lydic
Revenue and Accounting Specialist - Chase Hotel Group